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Invisible Enemies of Atomic Veterans: And How They Were Betrayed

After suffering with indescribable horrifying health conditions from exposure to ionizing radiation since September 23, 1945, I was driven to expose the effects of this illness and to show what a total displeasure it has been to go through life by suffering by degrees from such a horrible sickness. And, because America’s atomic-war veterans in general have been living with ionized radiation exposure, some of whom are suffering more than others, and because many thousands gave their lives to atomic radiation, I decided to share my personal experience in the form of this book.

The bulk of the text of this book is committed to memory and recalling conversations with comrades that I served with in World War II and afterward. Some additional knowledge that I gained was from various sources of information showing the dangers of being exposed to radiation and other chemicals. The history of the Second Marine Division and the battles they fought are portrayed in official records and in Division books.

Primarily, it is my desire to express how discomforting life can be when exposed to deadly chemicals and the hardships brought upon the families of those who suffer from this exposure. Additionally, this was written to show that most of us served willingly when called upon to protect our country, performing our assigned tasks with pride and honor, only to be forsaken by our own government who foolishly ignored our pleas for help when we were suffering from atomic fallout. We, at that time, were not aware of our invisible enemies.

Atomic veterans are the ones referred to as the ones that glow in the dark; and we are the ones who seek no special favor—simply justice. We are the ones who received little or nothing for our injuries and sacrifices while serving our country. A scant few received very little for horrid infirmities inflicted voluntarily by our invisible enemies. Our invisible enemies put us in an inhumane category, with obvious approval by the White House and other high-level governmental bodies working against all principles of civilization, casting their devious immoralities on America’s military. It cannot be overstated that it is time for these wrongs to be righted with acknowledgments and compensation for our suffering every second of our lives without justification. Also, there is a need for special legislation to prevent these atrocious acts from ever happening again. Every person who had any responsibilities or assisted in any way in keeping secret the dangers of ionizing radiation from atomic veterans should be made accountable publicly. Not exposing those responsible will further erode confidence in our government and our leaders. It cannot be argued against that to have a strong nation, the public must be informed.

I sincerely wish it to be understood that I still love my nation as strongly as always. However, I highly disagree with some of the foolish decisions interjected by the shortsighted, disingenuous American leaders who approved researchers’ requests for human torture in the testing of what the long-term effect that radiation exposure would have on those who were exposed to it.